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Patrolman Pulp/Golden Age Version
The first alt costume I do on a new toon is usually either Golden Age or a Pulp Mystery-Man style. Here's my Pulp mystery-man version of Patrolman. I love the lighting in Vibora Bay, it's great for night-time screenshots and makes a good substitute for Hudson City.

The Inscrutable Dragon Mask
With Iron Fist released on Netflix and all the hype surrounding it at the time I went back and read a lot of comic-books featuring him. I've always liked the character and have wanted to make a superhero martial-artist for a long time. I also took a shot a while back at revamping Green Dragon's costume for a CC so I used that as a basis for this new character.

His background is a long journey of enlightenment that I started writing then realised that it would take a long time to get it all down. Basically he was sent by his monastery to deliver the Sacred Dragon Scrolls (on his waist) to the chosen one, only to discover down the line, after much denial on his part, that he was the chosen one. At that point he opened the scrolls and found a quotation from Buddha written in the hand of his venerable old teacher...

“Whatever precious jewel there is in the heavenly worlds, there is nothing comparable to one who is Awakened.”
Disillusioned at the law's inability to protect society from the lawless, Detroit police officer Wallace Gallows resigned from the force and became a self-appointed judge, jury and (if he deems it necessary), executioner. 

A formidable martial artist and strategist, Wallace carries two .45 caliber pistols, a baton, a shotgun and tear-gas pellets. He wears Kevlar body armor, a ballistic facemask, and has inbuilt police sirens and lights on his shoulder armour pieces. He also has a voice amplification system built into his facemask.

Cease and desist perps! Here's the PATROLMAN
Flamboyant Swashbuckler!
Hurled back in time by another nemesis, the Time Tyrant, Swashbuckler lands in 1695 in London. He tracks down his distant relative (who by the law of comic-books looks 100% identical to him) and is told that if any man in London can help him get back to his time, then that man is Isaac Newton.

He visits Newton, who is enthralled by his story and inspired to create a time machine... a theory he had recently been researching. There's just one catch: to power the machine Swashbuckler will have to supply Newton with an amazing new element that has just been discovered in the East Indies called 'unobtainium'. However, as luck would have it (;) ), the infamous East India Company are supposed to be returning to Merry Olde England in a couple of weeks with some of this magical substance amongst it's cargo.

With no time to waste, Swashbuckler takes on the persona of a pirate captain and recruits a crew of scurvy reprobates. Calling himself 'Dapper John' and wearing a more era-fitting costume (but still with a mask to protect his distant relative who, as you remember, is his spitting image), Swashy takes to the high seas aboard the 'Dark Mistress'.

He and his crew eventually find the East India ship, exchange cannon fire, manage to board and, after much swashbucklery and mayhem, subdue the crew and take the unobtainium. Arriving back in London, Swashbuckler makes his way to Newton's laboratory where he has just finished making a prototype time machine and gives him the package of unobtainium. 

While Newton is making the finishing touches and cranking many levers a squad of soldiers breaks down the door and more swashbucklery (including swinging on a chandelier) ensues. Swashbuckler manages to take the redcoats down and Isaac straps him into the machine, cranks a few more levers and sends him back to present day Millennium City. Huzzah! What a jape!
The Sensational Swashbuckler!
Swashy here is one of my favourite characters in CO. I've always had a love of Errol Flynn and Douglas Fairbanks swashbuckling heroes that they played in movies of old and I've always loved playing swashbuckler type characters in PnP RPGs so it wasn't that much of a leap for me to create an archetypal superhero swashbuckler......I also didn't have to go far to find his name, heh.


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